Plotting the course accurately

Unsere Konstrukteure arbeiten nicht nur mit neuester CAD-Technik, sondern vor allem mit ihrem Kopf.

Our designers have the latest CAD technology at their disposal, but most importantly, they use their heads.

Their choice of the appropriate type of materials, lubricating and cooling, the right forming processes for the materials, and protecting parts from damage during transport in the machine have a major impact on the quality and costs of the final product.

The close cooperation between the designers and the experts of our in-house tool shop ensures that the course is accurately plotted right from the very beginning.

The performance of design department has its focus on:

  • Process development in metal stamping and forming
  • Constructions in transfer and Progressive Technology
  • Construction of measuring and test equipment


The following CAD systems are in use:

  • 2D: ME10
  • 3D: Solidworks


These interfaces are available:

SolidWorks, ProE, UG, Inventor, SolidEdge, Cadkey, Rhino, ME10


In addition, we can process the following exchange formats:

DXF / DWG, Parasolid, IGS, VDA, Step, STL


Communication channels for exchanging drawings and technical documents: