Tradition with a future

Präschu Umformtechnik – Präzisionsteile Franz Schulz GmbH is a family-owned company in Swabia, a region of Germany where family-owned companies are an established tradition. 

Founded in 1965 by Franz Schulz, it is still owned by the family today. The filter part production, launched in 1966 as an “extended workbench” required a new building at today’s location back in 1970, and, in 1980, it was expanded by adding another production hall.

High points of engineering development were, in 1990, the commissioning of two 4000 kN presses, in 1999, the building of 3 assembly lines for the automated assembly of cover disks, in 2000, the investment in a 16-stage 2500 kN- press, in 2001, the installation of a fully automated operation center, and, in 2007 the commissioning of a 10.000 kN press.

Parallel to this, quality and environmental protection management were integrated and expanded. 1996 witnessed certification in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:1994 and in 2004, finally, in compliance with ISO 14001.

Continuous improvement throughout the company proves that a family-owned company like Präschu knows how to meet market demand and customer requirements.