Company Policy

Company Policy
The company policy described hereinafter is the guideline for all that we do in our business; step by step, day after day.

Customer Orientation
Our company policy has the objective of attaining the satisfaction of our customers with our products. This means that our products are manufactured free from defects, in due time and at reasonable prices by using safe and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Every member of our personnel bears responsibility for quality, safety, health and environment protection as well as for their continuous improvement. We therefore set objectives to ourselves regularly and guarantee that they are implemented.

The personnel employed in the individual jobs have the specific qualification required. Schedules for initial adaption and advanced training quarantee that this qualification will be kept at its high level. The competence of our personnel is continuously increased by internal and external training, thus enabling them to implement the principles of our management system.

Suppliers and Service Providers
Präschu cooperates with suppliers and service providers who meet the individual requirements.

By specifying appropriate selection and assessment processes, we guarantee that our key suppliers and service providers are capable of complying with our requirements.


Standards and Laws
We undertake the obligation of complying with the applicable standards and the provisions of the law. Our integrated quality and environment management system includes a description of the essential processes. This system is oriented to the applicable standards and takes into account the requirements of our customers.

Environmental Management
We use the resources required for our production in a sound and environmentally friendly way. We identify the environmental aspects that are relevant to us and take the actions required for avoiding or reducing the impact of our business activities on the environment.  

Christian Wüst